I'm Addicted To Failure

published on 25 January 2023

My whole life I have been told repeatedly that I am lucky — and I'd have to agree.

I'm actually so lucky that the people I surround myself with get lucky too.

It's not magic, and by the end of reading this, you'll know how to create your own luck as well.

Your Relationship With Failure

You need to develop a healthy relationship with failure... not just a healthy relationship but you need to learn to love it. Like really love it.

Every time you think about doing something you take 0 steps forward because that's all you are doing... just thinking.

You need to act, even when you have no idea where the next step is.

The worst thing that can happen is you fail and every failure brings you experience.

Experience teaches you faster than reading a book or watching a video and ultimately gets you closer to where you want to be.

The more you fail and put yourself out there the more luck you are creating and the more doors that will open for you.

The alternative approach is to calculate and plan every step of the way.

The problem here is you are too slow and not opening yourself up to enough experiences because you are trying to avoid failure.

But for what?

Nobody Is Thinking About You

The fear of failure stems from the fear of what other people think about you...

but the secret is that nobody is thinking about you.

Seriously, nobody.

Everybody is living a life as complex as yours.

A life where they are the main character and you might just be a headlight for a brief moment at an intersection...

So, avoid the illusion of perfection because even if you could reach it, nobody would notice.

Instead, focus on making progress and trying new things.

Find comfort in the fact that no matter how hard you fail, your future self will be grateful for the experience.

Take a chance, take a leap of faith, and be proud when you fail. That’s how you will grow and find joy in life!


If you want to be lucky then you need to fail fast and fail often.

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